Generating Spyne API key is quick, easy and allows you to access the Spyne Public APIs

If you are here to create an API Key to explore Spyne Public APIs and are ready to take one step forward to the journey of awesome catalogs, here's how you can do it,

  1. Log in to Spyne Console, link: Console Login
  1. If you are already a registered user with Spyne, please login with your credentials. In case, you are not already registered, please Sign up and complete the process.

  2. Once you have completed Sign up/Sign in, you will land on the main page of console where you can click 'Developer Hub', located in the left side of the menu.

  1. On clicking Developer Hub from main page, you will see 'Create new API Key' in API Key Tab.
  1. Clicking 'Create new API Key' will open a modal, asking for naming your API Key for your reference. Once you've named your API Key, you can click on 'Generate New Key' to generate your API Key.
  1. Once you've clicked 'Generate New Key', your API Key will be generated. You will have to copy your API Key and save it with you. Please note, we do not show API Key again for security reasons.