Advanced SDK Configuration

List of Advanced features

There are certain additional features available in Spyne Android SDK which may help solve your use-case. Though we're working day by day to ensure covering all the industry use-cases, below given features are currently available,

To elimiate the hassle of user selecting subcategory id
To receive location information of user on SKU level and image level while shooting
To allow non-restrictive Gyrometer flow in Spyne SDK
To allow non-restrictive Classifier flow in Spyne SDK
To evoke the correct webhook endpoint to receive images
To allow multiple shots of similar interior and miscellaneous image types
To evoke a part of configured angles
To receive meta-data information on your webhook endpoint
To allow user to choose between different angle types
To restrict user to pass images in a certain count

Detailed Description of Advanced Features

Passing subCategoryId:

Spyne SDK allow subCategoryId to be directly passed in the Shoot builder function.
subCategoryId accepts fixed string value.
Below given values are currently accepted for the sub-categories,

  1. Sedane: prod_Gcg69Rkxa

  2. Hatchback: prod_seY3vxhATCH
  3. SUV: prod_seY3vxSUV

  4. Van: prod_van
  5. Sports: prod_sport
builder.subcategoryId(subcategoryId: "prod_Gcg69Rkxa")

shootLocation [SKU-level location] & imageLocation [image-level location]:

Spyne SDK can send you both SKU-level and image level location co-ordinates, in case required.
The difference between both SKU-level and image-level location co-ordinates is,

  1. SKU-level function gives you same location co-ordinates for all the images irrespective of user moving throughout the shoot
  2. Image-level function gives you different location co-ordinates for different images as per the location of the user
builder.shootLocation(shootLocation: false)
builder.imageLocation(imageLocation: false)

Gyrometer configuration & GyrometerVar:

Gyrometer allows to control the roll and pitch of the device held by user. To ensure, users are clicking pictures with correct roll and pitch, Gyro-meter is necessary. Spyne SDK gives multiple options to adjust the restrictiveness of Gyro-meter as required.

Options for Gyro-meter Restrictiveness:

  1. Restrictive [default] will not allow user to click picture out of the allowed Gyro values
  2. Non-Restrictive will allow the users to click picture even out of the Gyro values

Options to set up the Gyro-meter delta:

Spyne SDK allows you to pass an integer value between 5 degrees - 20 degrees, which acts as a delta to which Gyro-meter should accept the value. For instance, GyrometerVar = 10 degrees, Gyro-meter will work at 80 (90 - 10) degrees and 100 (90 + 10) degrees both.


Classifier configuration

Classifier are our internal tech-innovation, a set of AI models which make sure the user has taken picture in the best possible way to ensure a good output. Spyne SDK allows you to set up the restrictiveness of Classifiers alike to Gyro-meter.

Options for Classifier Restrictiveness:

  1. Restrictive [default] will not allow the users to move forward if the classifier result fails
  2. Non-Restrictive will allow the users to move forward even if the classifier result fails

Environment Configuration

Spyne SDK allows you to pass a string value which denotes your app environment. This feature is extensively helpful while doing the testing. Currently, the accepted values for this feature are,

  1. Testing [called as Staging, at times]
  2. Staging [called as Pre-Production, at times]
  3. Production
builder.environment(environment: "TESTING")

Add Image Configuration

Spyne SDK allows you to click multiple images for same interior and miscellaneous angles. For instance, the users want to click multiple shots for Gear Box, this functionality fulfils the requirement.



Spyne SDK allows you to configure overlays & angles based on your required configurations as well. For instance, you want to get clicked only 5 angles from a user in a particular shoot, this feature would be very useful.

JSONObject().apply { this:JSONObject
put(name:"tag_id",value:"12") put(name:"is_mandatory",value:false)


Meta-data Configuration

Meta-data accepts a string value which you can send in case you need any data for debugging.
This string data value will be available with each unique Spyne SKUID through Spyne public API.

builder.metaDeta(metaDeta: "my test shoot")

Angles List Configuration

Spyne SDK allows you to give option to the users to choose between multiple angles. For instance, you want to allow user to choose between 8 angles shoot and 16 angles shoot, this feature will be able to fulfil your requirement.

list.add(Spyne.Angle(name:"8 Angles",value:8))
list.add(Spyne.Angle(name:"16 Angles",value:16))


Passing maximum and minimum number of images in Upload

Spyne SDK allows you to pass maximum and minimum number for Upload count. In case, the user uploads images outside the count of minimum and maximum, Spyne SDK will throw an error and ask the user to upload the images in the given count.

builder.maxNoOfUpload(maxNoOfUpload: 25)
builder.minNoOfUpload(minNoOfUpload: 14)